Yesterday on my walk the word grace popped into my head. I'm not really sure why (maybe it's because I have been watching Grace and Frankie) but it me made start to wonder how that word makes me feel. What am I missing when I use it? Do I have a misunderstanding of this word?

When I got home I looked up the definition. I have realized I as I get older that I assume I know what a word means but sometimes I can be a bit off. Forgiveness was the word that made this the most obvious for me. As I read the definition nothing really struck me and I continued on with me day.

My life has been pretty hectic lately and sometimes when I have a moment to breath I just stand there and wonder what I am missing and rush to my next task. I have also been feeling the need to express myself in more creative ways. Like drawing, singing and writing. So as I was standing in the kitchen waiting for things to cook, I thought to myself maybe I should draw something. My first instinct was I don't draw. I've never been good at drawing, why waste my time.

At that moment I realized that I need to give myself some grace. I need to be more considerate, thoughtful and kind to myself. Maybe I haven't drawn since I was 12 but it wouldn't hurt to try it again. Maybe singing isn't my forte but it is fun to belt out songs that I love. Maybe writing and sharing my writing scares me to to death but it is a great way to express my feelings.

Not everything I do is going to be perfect and nobody expects it to be. By putting myself in situations that scare me I might be able to help other people do the same. How can I expect to reach people if I can't do things that scare me? How am I going to grow if never push myself to do better, especially with things that I'm not inherently good at? Plus just because I'm not good at things it doesn't mean that doing them isn't fun or fulfilling.

So today I will write, I will draw and I will sing. I ask you how will you give yourself more grace today?

Butterfly on flower

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